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Madonna University is located in Livonia, Michigan, and offers bachelor’s degrees in ASL Education, Sign Language Interpreting Studies, and Deaf Community Studies. The Madonna University Sign Language Studies (MUSLS) department, in addition to educating future interpreters and teachers, also connects community members to resources such as interpreting workshops and CEUs, the Deaf-Hearing Family Literacy Program run by Debbie Mitre-Smith, and much more.

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The Sign Language Studies department endorses a sociocultural approach to teaching American Sign Language. The functional-notational approach that is used at MUSLS is based on using the language to teach the language. This approach incorporates visual media necessary for success in the language.

The core SLS curriculum reflects the continued commitment of the SLS faculty to current information and their professional linkages to local, national, and international resources. The SLS faculty members at Madonna University have backgrounds in education, law, linguistics, and interpreting. Our curriculum continues to integrate the philosophy that the use of sign language is a human right and incorporates this philosophy into the SLS curriculum and its mission statement.



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