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I would like take an opportunity to thank the Deaf community, Deaf organizations, interpreting communities (ASL-English and Arabic-English), professionals that work with DDBHH children, parents of DDBHH organizations, and most importantly, the parents of DDBHH children, for providing their continuous support of Deaf-Hearing Family Literacy Program.

I regret to inform you that the Deaf-Hearing Family Literacy Program is on hold as our major grant provider has ended.  However, if you are interested in this program, please fill out the survey.   Data matters as it may provides an essential impact on the future grant proposals when discussing the needs and its services of the community.

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Even though the program is on hold, here are some resources and apps that you can look into:

Recommended resources:

Recommended Apps:


Debbie Mitre-Smith, December 2017


Welcome to the webpage of the Deaf-Hearing Family Literacy Program.

Early intervention is essential for every child.

Who We Are 

The Deaf-Hearing Family Literacy Program at Madonna University uses research-based methods that are cutting edge, current resources, and qualified mentors to support children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and their parents. We are a home-based program where trained Deaf mentors visit the family’s home every week for two-hour sessions throughout the school year to teach children and their parents how to sign and read together, as well as to create meaningful language experiences that allow parents to help teach their children in their academic and non-academic environments. By supporting the whole family, the DHFLP strives to make a difference in the quality of lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and their families now and in the future. The program originally was established through a grant from the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.   It has continued thanks to additional financial support from the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, Lewis Foundation, Carls Foundation, Lions Club, and Detroit Association of the Deaf.  The DHFLP is forever grateful for their generosity and support.

Debbie Mitre-Smith, Director
Debbie Mitre-Smith, Director